24 June 2017

Lorna Allan .  Artworks

The Tupuna Tane Tree
Title:The Tupuna Tane Tree
Artist:Lorna Allan
Price Range:$1001 - $2000
Size:500mm high x 750mm wide
The Tupuna Tane Tree is from a recent road journey and was at Lake Matheson in the South Island. We all go to this lake for the amazing views of the mountains and reflections of them in the lake.
This time the mountains were hidden by fog and so this had me focus on other aspects of the beauty of a walk around the lake. There is always beauty no matter the weather. Turning at one point from photographing the lake I saw this view through the trees. It was one of those magical moments where you hold your breath in wonder at what is before you.
The Tupuna Tane Tree is Maori for the Grandfather, Great Grandfather or Elder, a respected elder and this wonderful old tree shows us just that, standing there as a home to many other plants, providing nutrition for them, while looking out upon the rest of the bush as in keeping a watchful eye. A landscape of the natural beauty of our New Zealand bush.