24 October 2017

Lorna Allan .  Artworks

Of Time And Place
Title:Of Time And Place
Artist:Lorna Allan
Status:For Sale
Price Range:$2001 - $5000
Size:690mm high x 900mm wide
"Of Time and Place' tells the story of New Zealand. Here I attempted to show the story of our land through the years, indicating different lifestyles, and giving a sense of seasonal changes. Begining in the mountains and all through the work you will see water in one form or another, essential to life and leading us through the story, sometimes as clear as a lake, sometimes merely an indication, a glacier, a river, a waterfall leading from the mountains to the sea. Some areas are linked as though physically and yet they may be geologically far apart. Nothing is separate each relying on the other for survival of itself and for the good of the whole.
The painting takes us through time, from the mountains to the sea and from early days where people lived in sparse rural settings indicated by the three different types of homes and landscapes in the upper area of the work. There follows an area of more current day farming both stock and horticulture and in the foreground we see the cities with some historical landmarks, Otago University the first university in New Zealand and Christchurch showing the devistation from the earthquakes.
A full explaination of more detail is available on request.