24 June 2017

Lorna Allan .  Artworks

Meeting of the Waters
Title:Meeting of the Waters
Artist:Lorna Allan
Status:For Sale
Price Range:$1001 - $2000
Size:500mm high x 750mm wide
Theme:Native Flora
"Meeting of the Waters"
Meeting of the Waters is from the artist southern journey December 2009. From the Haast Pass she traveled toward Jackson's Bay, an historical settlement far down in Westland deep in the wilds of the south. Here she found the Jackson River Road. Where there is a road, there she goes.
It was magical there, like stepping back in time. A warm and quiet place, the area had a mystical feeling and when she came upon this gentle stream close to where it met the Jackson River she knew without a doubt that this would become a painting. She spent some time there soaking up the atmosphere and just enjoying the day.
Here is the result of that and she hopes that she brings some of the feeling of her time there to this work.