24 June 2017

Lorna Allan .  Artworks

The Bears of Katmai
Title:The Bears of Katmai
Artist:Lorna Allan
Status:For Sale
Price Range:$2001 - $5000
Size:500mm high x 750mm wide
Theme:Animals and Birds
Wildlife, as wild as it gets! Turbulent rivers, bush, mountains, waterfalls and wild creatures, these are a few of the things that make up the wilderness of Katmai National Park and Preserve Alaska.
The artist spent many wonderful hours watching the grizzlies at Brooks Falls, watching their interaction with each other, seeing their personalities, their different ways of fishing, the hierarchy and this wonderful mother with her twins. Mother bears are known to be good parents and this one was no exception. She took the two little ones to the top of the falls, to the right of this view, to teach them to fish. One was afraid and she and the other one went back to encourage it and give it comfort.
Katmai was one of the most exciting and interesting parts of the artist's journey through Alaska in the summer of 2008 and a memory that will last all her days. When she worked on this studio painting she was taken back to the time and place and now has pleasure in sharing this in some small way with you, the viewer.
This is the first of wildlife in this series of her Alaska paintings and you are invited to view and watch for future new additions to the collection.