24 June 2017

Lorna Allan .  Artworks

Homage to the Hinterland.
Title:Homage to the Hinterland.
Artist:Lorna Allan
Status:For Sale
Price Range:$2001 - $5000
Size:600mm high x 900mm wide
This painting was awarded 6th equal with one of my other paintings in American Art Awards 2013 in the landscape/realism section. These awards are judged by 25 of the top galleries in the US today.
Homage to the Hinterland - this work is from my time in South Canterbury in the MacKenzie Country. Looking from "The Brother's" across Middle Valley to a view of "The Four Peaks', I was captured by the immensity and majesty of the mountians and the tiny farmhouse dwarfed in the valley. These mountains lie just inland from the coast and this hidden valley with its farms is a quiet and beautiful place. I thought of the settlers who arrived here around the 1850's and made their homes in this valley between the hills on the west and the towering mountains to the east. They would have enjoyed hot summers but endured very severe winters. This work is my homage to those pioneers who were the life blood of our country.