24 June 2017

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Dawn In The Gentle Land
Title:Dawn In The Gentle Land
Artist:Lorna Allan
Price Range:$2001 - $5000
Size:500mm high x 910mm wide
Dawn in the Gentle Land describes to perfection the feeling I had when I came around a corner and found this view of Lake Hawea.
The utter peaceful quietness and gentle glow as the first light of the day kissed the land enhanced by the reflections of the mountains, was one of those magic moments when I knew I had to paint this.
There was no other choice.
This painting achieved a merit award at ArtEllerslie and also 3rd in the Peoples' Choice. It is also available as a print.
poem has been written to accompany this work and is given as a gift to the purchaser. An excerpt is below -
Hawea in the morning
At the dawn of a summer day
Hawea in the morning
Can take your breath away....

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